Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Business Breakfast Networking for the self-employed in Greenbank

Are you a self-employed freelancer or sole trader in Greenbank ward?

I'd like to invite you to a:

Business Breakfast Networking Event

Wednesday 20th March, from 8.30am to 9.30am

376 Smithdown Rd Liverpool L15 5AN

I'm interested in hearing from freelancers and sole-traders about the challenges and opportunities for the self-employed in our area and how your Green representatives can support you.

I'll be co-hosting the event with Ian Skillicorn. Ian is a Greenbank resident who runs his own business. He is keen to explore networking opportunities and activities for local self-employed people.

It's an opportunity to:
  • meet other self-employed freelancers and sole-traders
  • share tips and ideas
  • chat about ways that local freelancers and sole-traders can support each other.

We hope to see you there!

Book your free place here.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Labour 'Give-Away' in Sefton Park

An area of Sefton Park is to be developed despite it being an important wildlife habitat which includes twelve species of butterflies as well as grasshoppers, bumblebees, hoverflies and dragonflies, all of which are essential to our ecosystem. The City Council’s Cabinet voted to lease 500 square metres of prime parkland to Sefton Park Cricket Club to erect artificial cricket wickets, nets and high security fencing, just 23 days after it was advertised for ‘disposal’.

The move was opposed by all the Green Councillors, including Cllr Lawrence Brown but not one Labour Councillor objected. There were also a number of objections from local residents including me.

This ‘privatisation’ of one of our most well-known parks will prevent free access to this part of Sefton Park and destroy the wildlife habitat. However, in the report to Planning Committee, the Head of Planning stated that members of the public could still access the site if they joined the cricket club!

It is devastating that yet another public space is being given over to private interests and without the opportunity for scrutiny by opposition councillors. This decision was made just as news was breaking about the radical decline in inspect species and the devastating impact that this will have for our entire eco-system.

We need more Green representation on the council as a matter of urgency!

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Meeting the community

Last weekend fellow Greens joined me in Greenbank to meet local residents and find out what really matters to you. It was lovely to chat to so many local people, hear about issues people are facing and hear your vision for Greenbank. I will be continuing to make my way around Greenbank over the next few weeks and I will look forward to meeting you and hearing your views then.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Greens' Success in Children's Social Care

For the past three years, Green Party councillors have proposed amendments to the Council's budget plans which would see more money put into Child Social Care. We know that austerity has had an impact on the Council's finances but there has also been intense pressure on child and adult social care with rising demand outstripping the revenue devoted to it.

Finally, the Council have listened to Green Party calls for more money and there will be soon be more social workers to deal with the heavy, and increasing, workload.

Residents feel let down over new park venue

Local residents have told the Green Party they are outraged that the new restaurant in Greenbank Park bears no resemblance to the small community cafe that was proposed to them.

As I write, the larger-than-expected development is about to open its doors to customers. What residents were assured would be a small, park-orientated refreshments stop has turned out to be a full blown niche restaurant offering small plates and cocktails.

At the Council hearing for the venue's alcohol licence the owners spoke of their aim to be an eatery rivalling those already in South Liverpool. Residents are also dismayed at the loss of privacy in the walled garden, which is now overlooked by large windows from the restaurant, and concerned that there is no provision for car parking at the 92-seater venue.

Sadly, this development is a betrayal of local residents who engaged in planning discussions in good faith only to find that their concerns have been ignored.

Friday, 22 February 2019

My meet the candidate event!

I will be at Bean There Coffee Shop on Smithdown Road this Monday (25th) from 7.30pm to 9pm to meet residents from the community and hear your thoughts, ideas and concerns about Greenbank ward. I hope to see you there!

Climate Emergency

Greens throughout the world are calling on all levels of Government to take urgent action to reverse the damaging excesses of climate change. Report after report now warns of the dire situation we are in if carbon dioxide levels are not reduced and global warming is not reversed.

The latest report from the Met Office confirms that 2018 was one of the four hottest years on record and the current trend is to a warmer, more unstable climate.

Here in Liverpool, the four Green Party Councillors have proposed an emergency motion to Council.

The Green Party is seeking to put policies in place which address the root causes of climate change. I am hoping to become an elected representative to add my voice in the Council chamber. We have to take the climate emergency into account in all the decisions we make, big and small. This includes recent plans to give away a wildlife habitat in Sefton Park, to fell trees in Bixteth St Gardens, and to remove cycle provision from the Lime Street development. We cannot afford to keep repeating the mistakes of the past.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

WOW - Walking to school

Cllr Lawrence Brown attended a meeting at Liverpool College, aimed at encouraging more pupils to walk to school.

Led by the charity, Living Streets, the initiative is backed by WOW, the charity's year-round walk to school challenge.

Getting out of the car and onto the pavement is so important for our physical and mental health as well as protecting the environment.

Plastic Free Greenbank - where to go plastic free in our area

In my latest update on the campaign for a Plastic Free Greenbank, here are some of the shops, cafes and bars which have taken on board the message of going Plastic Free by excluding or virtually excluding all single use plastics.

Good examples of this are Naked Lunch Cafe, Belzan Bistro and Bar, and Craft Taproom, all on Smithdown Road. The Purple Carrot, also on Smithdown Road, also has a range of products – many locally produced – which are wrapped in compostable packaging.

There are already so many alternatives to plastic available and in use in Greenbank, which shows how much potential there is to make all of Greenbank 'single-use plastic free'!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Potholes Progress Council moves quickly on repairs

Cllr Lawrence Brown and I have reported over 50 potholes in Greenbank ward already this year.
Winter is always a difficult time as the frost breaks the tarmac apart but since they took over the contract, the inhouse Council service has moved quickly to carry out repairs If you know of a pothole near you that hasn't been fixed by the Council, let me or Lawrence know.