Sunday, 27 January 2019

Labour threatens more green spaces

An independent review of the Labour Council's plans for green spaces in the city has heavily criticised the proposals.

According to the Inspector, the Draft Local Plan, which was supported by all Councillors except the Greens, will need to be radically changed to preserve green spaces.

The criticism comes at a time when more long-established green space is under threat from Labour. We've recently learned of the Council's intention to dispose of public open space in Sefton Park, which will destroy a local wildlife site. This follows the 'giveaway' to a business of part of Greenbank Park for a new 92-seater licensed restaurant.

I fully support my Green Party colleagues on the Council in voting against the Draft Local Plan because of its likely impact on green spaces. Green spaces bring essential health, social and environmental benefits to our communities and we should be preserving not destroying them.

Along with criticising the attacks on green space in the Draft Local Plan, the Inspector has also asked the Council to make changes to two other key sections; on HMOs (houses of multiple occupation) and fast food takeaways. I agree with Cllr Lawrence Brown who recently said, "I am concerned that the final Local Plan will be much weaker than intended, and that the expected planning controls just won't be strong enough to allow Greenbank residents to resist more HMOs or takeaways in future."