Friday, 22 February 2019

Climate Emergency

Greens throughout the world are calling on all levels of Government to take urgent action to reverse the damaging excesses of climate change. Report after report now warns of the dire situation we are in if carbon dioxide levels are not reduced and global warming is not reversed.

The latest report from the Met Office confirms that 2018 was one of the four hottest years on record and the current trend is to a warmer, more unstable climate.

Here in Liverpool, the four Green Party Councillors have proposed an emergency motion to Council.

The Green Party is seeking to put policies in place which address the root causes of climate change. I am hoping to become an elected representative to add my voice in the Council chamber. We have to take the climate emergency into account in all the decisions we make, big and small. This includes recent plans to give away a wildlife habitat in Sefton Park, to fell trees in Bixteth St Gardens, and to remove cycle provision from the Lime Street development. We cannot afford to keep repeating the mistakes of the past.