Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Labour 'Give-Away' in Sefton Park

An area of Sefton Park is to be developed despite it being an important wildlife habitat which includes twelve species of butterflies as well as grasshoppers, bumblebees, hoverflies and dragonflies, all of which are essential to our ecosystem. The City Council’s Cabinet voted to lease 500 square metres of prime parkland to Sefton Park Cricket Club to erect artificial cricket wickets, nets and high security fencing, just 23 days after it was advertised for ‘disposal’.

The move was opposed by all the Green Councillors, including Cllr Lawrence Brown but not one Labour Councillor objected. There were also a number of objections from local residents including me.

This ‘privatisation’ of one of our most well-known parks will prevent free access to this part of Sefton Park and destroy the wildlife habitat. However, in the report to Planning Committee, the Head of Planning stated that members of the public could still access the site if they joined the cricket club!

It is devastating that yet another public space is being given over to private interests and without the opportunity for scrutiny by opposition councillors. This decision was made just as news was breaking about the radical decline in inspect species and the devastating impact that this will have for our entire eco-system.

We need more Green representation on the council as a matter of urgency!