Saturday, 23 February 2019

Residents feel let down over new park venue

Local residents have told the Green Party they are outraged that the new restaurant in Greenbank Park bears no resemblance to the small community cafe that was proposed to them.

As I write, the larger-than-expected development is about to open its doors to customers. What residents were assured would be a small, park-orientated refreshments stop has turned out to be a full blown niche restaurant offering small plates and cocktails.

At the Council hearing for the venue's alcohol licence the owners spoke of their aim to be an eatery rivalling those already in South Liverpool. Residents are also dismayed at the loss of privacy in the walled garden, which is now overlooked by large windows from the restaurant, and concerned that there is no provision for car parking at the 92-seater venue.

Sadly, this development is a betrayal of local residents who engaged in planning discussions in good faith only to find that their concerns have been ignored.